Measuring Up Made Easy - QUICKJACK

Measuring Up Made Easy - QUICKJACK

So, you want the Quickjack but aren’t sure which will be the right model for you?

Here’s a quick an easy guide so you can be up and running in no time!


Four Things to work out first.

A - Curb Height

B -  Tyre Spread

C - Lifting Point Spread

D - Ground Clearance

Quickjack measuring guide


Getting the Measurements.

A - Finding out the curb weight

Vehicles curb weight is found on the driver’s side door or alternatively in the owner’s manual or on the internet

B - The Tyre Spread

Measure the distance between your front and rear tyre treads. Keeping the measuring tape of the ground. Then minus 5cm from the tire spread measurement.

C - Measure the Min. and Max. Lifting point distance.

Measure from the inside of your jacking point to the inside of the opposite jacking point.
Then measure the outside to outside of the jacking points.

D - Getting the ground clearance.

Measure the distance from the floor to the jacking point


What! You have multiple cars you want to use it on?

Not a worry!  use the measurements you’ve gathered and match them with the table Below!



Capacity - A

Tire Spread - B

Lifting spread - C

Ground Clearance -D


1,587 Kg

157 cm

67.8cm - 128.2cm



2,267 Kg

178 cm

74.9cm - 152.4cm



2,267 Kg

190 cm

90.1cm - 167.6cm



3,175 Kg

180 cm

74.9cm - 152.4cm



3,175 Kg

193 cm

94.9cm – 167.6cm



Now you’ve measured up and you can’t find one that going suit all your cars!? 

Lucky enough We have you covered  you can Purchase the SLX Extension Frame kit which will suit your BL-5000-SLX or BL-7000-SLX models to make them an EXT Model!  How’s that for versatility!

Quickjack EXT Kit

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